Watch Dr Pierre Kory testify about the incredible success of Ivermectin in the fight against Covid19 to a US Senate Committee urgently calling on the NIH to allow its use in treatment of Covid19 patients and prevention of Covid19 infections It’s the same thing everywhere. The leftest Government bureaucrats all have been blocking Ivermectin on every possible way. In South Africa people are actually jailed if they are caught using this miracle drug that won a Nobel Prize for medicine. So what’s the agenda?  Watch Professor Thomas Borody testifying on Sky News Australia on the effectiveness of Ivermectin.  He says: it kills the virus inRead More →

ID2020 IS THE END GAME FOR THE COVID-19 STUNT Click here to vote for the SA Government to approve the use of Ivermectin in treatment of Covid19 patients. CHRISTIANS BE FULLY INFORMED: Nuus.News has reported that Government is planning to vaccinate 40million innocent South Africans with an unproven, new technology vaccine, that communicates with your DNA and that has been in trials for less than 6 months, from Bill Gates, a big proponent for depopulation and with a history of botched mass vaccinations.  Please go and vote on Gospel.Network if you don’t want forced vaccines. Cheap, Nobel Prize Winning Ivermectin can effectively stop the OneRead More →

What is the rapture? When will the rapture take place? Many Christians are waking up to the fact that the rapture is at the door The Christian Bible teaches us that there will be a time called the end time. And in this time many events will take place before the world as we know it is finally destroyed by fire. 2Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that areRead More →

Why is it that Governments and Mainstream Media are hailing the vaccines so much? What is the force behind the One World Government? Could it be the antichrist? And could it be at the brink of being formed? Christians all over the world believe the Bible is the go-to book for every question. They believe the Word of God as the ultimate Truth. They believe Jesus died for them in their place so they don’t have to go to hell and they also believe that Christ is coming back – all because the Bible says so. The Bible is a living book that cannotRead More →

Add Your Heading Text Here The World Economic Forum has planned together with the WHO for at least a decade to bring the world to this point: Break the world’s economic systems with economic collapse due to a pandemic. Remember Event 201 that Bill Gate’s WHO funded held 6 months before the virus was released? The plan is to create a One World Government. And because naturally people will not want to join this, the pandemic is the scapegoat used for this. People are locked up in their houses in front of the Television, satan’s brainwashing tool, intimidated to death with pandemic death talks andRead More →

Add Your Heading Text Here We are talking about the so-called magical “Vaccine” that can cure covid-19.  Covid-19 is a strain of Coronavirus, or the common “flu”. The Mainstream Media and Governments all over the world hails it as the cure that humanity has been waiting for. The cure that will take the world back to “normal” again. This “vaccine” is basically a cure for flu, something that scientists for 100 years have proven and believed to be impossible. Now suddenly within 9 months since the start of the pandemic, millions of vaccine vials have been produced and have already been distributed and a millionRead More →

Government’s Lockdown Level 1 Regulations on 14 December 2020 Below is the amended Lockdown regulations during the December period. Government has yet again allowed taxis to operate at 100% capacity but churches meetings are down to 100 people again, and night vigils, which is one of the strengths of the church is banned. The church is listed as #1 on the list of places of gathering where numbers are limited. Government does not hide anymore that church gatherings are the main target with the pandemic. satan’s plan is to stop church gatherings altogether and government is assisting in every way possible. The Christians however needRead More →