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Breaking News: the President of South Africa, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the ANC-led Government’s ban on all Religious gatherings, such as Church meetings, indefinitely, as long as any “threat of contamination exists”.


Churches have been assessed by the SA Government and classified 1) as non-essential services and 2) grouped together with shebeens, taverns and entertainment venues. 

It seems no thought at all has been given to God, nor any place, in the Government’s assessment of the National State of Disaster. 

The Church should however take note that the Disaster Management Act does not overrule the Constitution’s Bill of Rights, in authority. The Bill of Rights is still superior and grants Churches the freedom to meet.

Now the time has come for South African Christians to either prove their faith or deny their faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible. 

An opportunity has been created for Christians all over South Africa to sign a petition to ask Government to
1) Classify Churches as Essential Services
2) For Church gatherings to be allowed in terms of the Bill of Rights clauses addressing religious freedom in SA.

The petition is supported by churches all around South Africa and has just been launched, but already has thousands of votes. 

Find out why the church is being targeted? Why do Churches have to gather? More below.

Christian Freedom of Religion under Threat - Every Christian's vote counts:

The SA Government has announced its Coronavirus alert levels 1-5, which dictate the possible risk of transmission of the virus among South Africans. Economic activeness is set out for each level.

The surprise however is that S.A. Government have OUTLAWED ANY CHURCH GATHERINGS, NO MATTER THE ALERT LEVEL

One would have thought that this would only take place in a Communist country under dictatorship rule, not South Africa, a so-called majority Christian nation.

Amazingly, the ANC-led Government has also refused clear, official recognition of the “Essential Service” classification for Churches.

Churches are the ones providing food and shelter, financial, mental and physical help to those in distress. Although government is trying its best, it cannot help the whole of South Africa. they can only provide food parcels for 250,000 households. This is only +/-1% of households in South Africa. Who will take care of the rest? The Church of course, like it has always done. However Government has now come out to stop this aid that Churches provide to millions of people in South Africa by banning Churches from being classified as Essential Services. Efforts have been made to ask government to open but they have kept refusing. All this, while churches all over the world have reopened again.

What Government also hid from you, was that they now effectively stop the Church from gathering UNTIL A VACCINE IS FOUND. The “threat of contamination” can only disappear when a vaccine is found and everyone has been vaccinated. You can see for yourself on page 16 of the Government’s Alert Level publication. It’s hidden in the detail:Coronavirus ban on church gatherings

The Spiritual Significance of a Ban of the Church

Spiritually speaking, Christians all over the world know that any actions to stop the churches from gathering in any way, are brought forth by the spirit of the antichrist according to the Bible. It’s exactly what the antichrist spirit wants, in order to implement its strategy for world domination. The corporate prayer and worship of the Christian Church is the only thing left restraining the antichrist spiritually from gaining a:

  • One World Economy, which it needs to implement a
  • One World Government, so that the antichrist can raise up its
  • One World Religion as prophesied in the Bible.

With the coronavirus attack on the world economies, the antichrist got its best chance it has ever had up to now to achieve its goals. (Read more on this in, a series of articles that will follow on your favourite News NON-Mainstream media News Outlet, www.Nuus.News)

Therefore, Christian Church subsequently do NOT support the stopping of Church gatherings in any way, as it goes against God’s clear commandment that the church may not stop gathering together until the church is raptured:Hebrews 10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” (the day means the day of rapture)

Accordingly, the Christian Church in South Africa has raised a petition on to ask government to:

  • Classify Religious Institutions as Essential Services rendered to the people of South Africa in terms of Section 31 of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.
  • The churches be allowed to visit members to give them food, shelter and life sustaining goods.
  • To afford churches their Constitutional right to meet.

The time has come for true Christians to rise and either prove, or deny their faith in the Bible and in the Power of Jesus Christ. Some don’t want the church to gather, not even if the Church wear masks and observe best hygiene and social distancing practices. 

Putting things into perspective:

The question arises, does it make sense for supermarkets (with low hygienic standards) to be open, but Churches, which are of the highest hygiene standards, must close down? Schools are to be opened now (in winter) with little, vulnerable, 6 year olds, sitting in cold classrooms exponentially increasing flu risks to them, but to government that’s no problem. The Church rather seems to be the major problem.

Taxis can move freely in the locations and on the roads in less than hygienic and safety conditions in small confined spaces carrying many immune compromised people daily, while we all know taxi drivers behaviours and how they despise the law of the land – but that is acceptable to Government. However Churches, with very high standards of ethics and the proven sense of responsibility, are to remain closed? Decide for yourself if this makes any sense.

Why can’t the Church also be allowed to wear face masks, sanitize heir hands, observe physical distancing and then be allowed to gather and meet? People are spirits, and need spiritual food more than physical food, according to what Jesus Himself have said. The Church needs to gather to pray in unity against a complete economic collapse in South Africa due to the coronavirus and against every satanic conspiracy to destroy our beloved people and country as a whole. What about the abused women and children, the old, the widows and the needy that need Church support? Who will look after them?

To add your vote to support the Church click on the link below and sign the petition.

Watch the video below by Pastors Neville and Wendy in Cape Town who have started this initiative, supported by churches all over South Africa.

Spread this news and this article as far and wide and as quickly as possible. Let all Christians, especially the Pastors and Church leaders know about this petition. According to Statistics South Africa and other sources, there are between 64% and 80% of South Africans that are professing to be Christians. That is roughly between 30million and 40million Christians. Every Christian now has the chance to speak up for their faith and prove their faith in Jesus Christ. If every Christian take a stand for Jesus Christ now, we can quickly change the fate of the Church. Never before had the Church such a great persecution in South Africa, but also a great chance to act in unity of faith and change the South Africa for Jesus!

Remember what Jesus said: Luke 12:8-9 "Also I say unto you, Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God: But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God."

Following the National Lockdown regulations, every church gathering has been stopped. Notably, the only mention by the President during his National address, where he gave examples of where the virus was spread, was of 2 Church activities, one Church meeting and one funeral! He used the Church as his scapegoat for spreading coronavirus in South Africa. He openly started persecuting the Church on national TV without blinking an eye, and has instantly made the Church the enemy of many South Africans, especially non-church going South Africans.

However, in the same breath he however also says that in MOST cases the symptoms are mild and undetectable!

So the question is asked: Did Government properly educate and inform Church goers where the virus was spread, about the virus? Did they even know in Mangaung what the coronavirus is, at the time this took place? Did government educate these poor people properly or have they been set up as scapegoats to put the whole Church under lockdown?

Suddenly a Church gathering is seen as the enemy of civil society. Who would ever have thought this would be the case in South Africa.

The President, in his speech thanked everybody, EXCEPT the Church. He did not even think of those who have been fasting and praying that deaths will stop, the coronavirus destroyed and our medical workers be protected, nor did he tank the Church for the aid it had to provide to so many people in distress during this period. Nor did he thank God for the protection God has given South Africa so far. He blatantly ignores the Church and its massive efforts during the lockdown and also did not even care to thank those who are praying, nor encouraged them to pray more. Read for yourself:

“This evening I also want to pay tribute to those who are providing essential services and goods, the truck, taxi, bus and train drivers, the workers on our farms and staff at power stations and water plants, at petrol stations, in the banks and call centers, law enforcement officials and security personnel. It is thanks to your efforts that we have been able to make such valuable progress in combating this pandemic.”

This time we ask the question: where has the Church been during this National State of Disaster?

It seems the voice of the Church has been purposefully silenced.

Since the coronavirus started the Church has not had a mention by government, except that the President who went to Moria to meet with the ZCC leaders to ask not to hold the Easter gathering.

Other than this, the mainstream media has not allowed Christian leaders to speak to the nation or let calls for prayer be made. The only thing the mainstream media has done is spread fear, prey on corona deaths, and ignore the 97%+ cases healed.

The Muslim countries all over the world are lifting lockdown bans to allow Muslims to go and gather and pray for Ramadan. They said that those that will die will die, but they cannot stay away from their faith convictions. Such actions are truly respectable. But in South Africa,  the so-called Christian country, the church was not allowed to even have a single Easter gathering. Question? Does this sound like God at work or is the devil trying to do something?

In the President’s address to the Nation, he said:

It is important to note that several restrictions will remain in place regardless of the level of alert for as long as the risk of transmission is present, for instance:

  • bars and shebeens will remain closed,
  • conference and convention centers,
  • entertainment venues,
  • cinemas, theaters and concerts remain closed.
  • Concerts and sporting events and religious, cultural and social gatherings will not be allowed until it is deemed safe for them to continue.”

So the Government sees, classifies and groups Churches together with bars, shebeens, entertainment venues and concerts. Alcohol use/abuse forms the center of all these, yet Churches are grouped together with such. Unthinkable.

What an insult the Christian Church must think this is: to be equated by Government side by side with bars and shebeens and entertainment venues .

Then government says that Churches must be closed “regardless of the risk level of alert, for as long as the risk of transmission is present…..”

There are 5 levels of coronavirus alert, from level 1 to level 5.

This effectively means that churches will only be allowed to gather again in 16-18 months when a vaccine is found!

Christians in South Africa, wake up and ask yourself: does this sound right?

That the Church of Jesus Christ be closed for more than 1 year? No evangelism. No outreaches. No help to fellow Christians. No preaching of the Gospel to the poor and the needy. (Remember very few people actually have money for data or access to streaming facilities.)

Does that sound right when God gave Christians a direct commandment in Hebrews 10:25 that Christians should not forsake the assembling of themselves together until the day of rapture?

Heb 10:25  Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

This is where the influence of satan clearly is seen. The devil’s target with coronavirus was not to destroy the economies of the world as such, nor to put people into poverty per se – clearly the devil’s intention is to stop the Church from gathering.

But why is stopping Church gatherings so important to the devil? You can read more in another article addressing this subject which will be published on Nuus.News shortly.

Fact is that the controlling forces have no plans to open Churches and by law wants to keep Churches closed indefinitely. This is directly against the Word of God. Think for yourself where the Church will be if it cannot gather for 18 months….Will you allow this thing to happen under your watch?  

So the earlier the Christian Churches see this reality, and take action, the better.

Recently a picture of our President Ramaphosa went viral on Whatsapp. It was great to see the, then young Cyril Ramphosa, being the leader of his high school Christian movement.

President Ramaphosa School Christian Assembly leader Nuus News

We call on our President to look at his roots and again make a stand for Jesus and His Church. Let it not be said that on your watch the nation and Church of Jesus Christ was handed over on a platter to the antichrist regime that are currently setting up the world for their One World Government.

Nationwide calls to prayer

If you are on a prayer group or would like to get your church involved in a nationwide movement in which the Church in South Africa is standing up, whether it be against unethical laws or corona viruses, please leave your details on the News.News contact page. Put your congregation’s details in the comment section. Someone will contact you with more information. The Good News in all these uncertainties is that, as the church prays, miracles happen and circumstances change. When the Church applies the Word, Good will prevail. Acts 12: 5-11. The sooner the Church rises up and rises to the occasion the better.

There is a daily prayer at 12noon streamed on Facebook everyday in the fight against coronavirus and its knock-on effects.  Click here to find out more.

Be inspired and encouraged by uplifting music in a time of solidarity and listen to the testimony covered in the song that destroys enemies: “I raise a hallelujah” by clicking here

One can also join 24/7/365 world wide live prayers here with prayer groups representing millions of believers from more than 100 nations all over the world. Amazingly Pastor Chris got this call to prayer just at the time of the coronavirus discovery. Unbeknown to him at the time, he called the church to pray – Divinely inspired by the Spirit of God on the Cross-Over Service 31 December 2019. The prayers was to start 6 January 2020. This was on the same day that the Coronavirus was first identified. But praise God, 7 days later God raised up a wall of prayer against it. Think how bad it would have been of the church had not prayed. Thank You Pastor Chris for being obedient to God!

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