Who would ever have thought the Government will now shoot at church goers and imprison Pastors for going to church? Is this happening in our lifetime under our watch?

Breaking News. Watch the video from the live report done by ENCA below. Government has banned church gatherings under lockdown level 3. From the report it seems church leaders were meeting to discuss the lockdown regulations Government has forced on churches without prior consultation with churches. 

In fact Government has banned all church gatherings, while they have ordered casinos to be opened, taxi’s to run at full capacity, shopping malls to stay open and also restaurants to be open. You can walk into a restaurant and take off your mask and eat there. 

Does Government really think South Africans are idots that cannot think for themselves? How can one go into a busy shopping mall, sit down in a restaurant, take off your mask and eat, all this while the Government scares everyone and keep telling them the coronavirus is airborne? Is the virus not in the air at the restaurants?  

Many church groups are unhappy about the way the ANC led Government has treated the Church, declaring it a non-essential service during 2020.

South African Christians, you can now do something. Join www.Gospel.Network and vote for Churches to be opened. Join the ever growing network of Christians that are coming together to join forces against the onslaught from hell. The Church needs to gather together in our own church halls and pray against the onslaught of the One World Government that wants to force vaccinate all people to bring them under their control with their World Debt Reset program, One World Economy and One World Religion

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  1. I support freedom of speech and freedom of choice I want our churches to open without any limits

  2. This is totally unacceptable behaviour from Government. The Gauteng Commissioner gave the order to go and imprison the Pastor. They want to make an example of him to SA. Christians we have to stand up against this. This time Government has gone too far. Did you see how brutal they were to church members! Shooting at them! Gassing them in their own cars! Swearing at Christians on camera! This is the acts of the antichrist spirit flowing from Government top officials. This must stop now!

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