President Cyril Ramaphosa speech 28 December 2020: back to lockdown level 3 - Churches closed, Casinos open.

Christians take note: Government has banned all indoor and outdoor gatherings, stopping churches from having the most important New Year’s Services. New Year’s Services is when God gives direction to the Church with a new Word for the Year that will carry the Church through the year. They are also stopping Church services blanketly for the next 2 weeks in defiance of what the Word of God says in Hebrews 10:25 that we may not stay away from Church gatherings. However just to show the church that it really is the church that is the target of lockdowns, Government allowed Casino’s to be open.

Las Vegas (also known as "Sin City") opened casino's in June 2020.
The South Africa Government also decided it is good for casinos to stay open & to close down Churches.

 Casinos of all places we know is one of the biggest super spreader environments with pundits going from machine to machine with hundreds of people touching a single machine in a night, in a contained environment that is much less ventilated and open than churches. The same with the taxis, superspreaders by themselves, are allowed to operate at capacity yet, churches, where social distancing is practiced by society’s most responsible and behaving people, are closed. You decide if that is not sending a clear signal to churches about Government’s intentions already there from the beginning. Workplaces and malls are open but churches are totally forced shut. 

Since the Church prayed and the Covid projected deaths did not take place as the so-called “experts” said it would, Government is trying to grab every straw to save face in midst of one of the biggest human scandals of all time. The World Economic Forum has planned together with the WHO for at least a decade to bring the world to this point: Break the world’s economic systems with economic collapse due to a pandemic. Remember Event 201 that Bill Gate’s WHO funded held 6 months before the virus was released? The plan is to create a One World Government. And because naturally people will not want to join this, the pandemic is the scapegoat used for this. People are locked up in their houses in front of the Television, satan’s brainwashing tool, intimidated to death with pandemic death talks and millions of infections and daily death tolls being inflated to scare people into taking a vaccine. And South Africa is playing to the tune of the Pied Piper.

Government is using its executive power to place more fear on people and imprison innocent South Africans. In fact their are encouraging, inciting and doing mass campaigns, starting with Presidential speeches to urge innocent South African citizens to turn against fellow brothers and friends and family members to phone the police and squeal on your families who are not found with a mask, so that the police can come can catch them and throw them in jail for 6 months! How can this be! People who slept with others while having HIV and infected their partners, never got jailed for that? People with TB who infected others never got jailed for that? Why sudden jail talk now? All this,while even the WHO admitted that non-medical masks are not recommended to prevent infection.

All of this courtesy of the ANC-led government while the coronavirus hospitals are empty and impoverishing the country.

The prayers of the church has worked and has stopped the projected curses released on South Africa by government’s so-called “experts”, none of which projections came to pass. They projected millions to die and people to fall dead in the streets, yet it did not happen. They prepared to dig a million graves. Yet the virus is nowhere to be found except for a few folks who had pre-existing conditions. However….

In Tembisa, a location in Ekurhuleni’s East Rand, for instance, where the people were supposed to fall down dead in the streets according to the curse spoken out by Melinda Gates, people are going around since March this year without masks! They don’t wear masks in the township and amazingly, even with the elderly there, the diabetic, the HIV cases, the TB infected, the poorest of the poor who cannot afford a mask, there are no corona deaths….If corona was such a serious threat, people would wear masks, because there would have been deaths all over! But because it is non-existent, live has gone on as normal. Something is wrong with the picture here as it does not correspond with Mainstream Media and Government reports about corona. The cases of corona is mostly where there are so many tests done. We know that the UK rejected China sourced corona test kits because they were corona infected. We pray that in South Africa, Government does not use infected test kits to spread the disease.

Let’s join Chief Justics Moegoeng Moegoeng in prayers against the corruption regarding covid19 and stopping the spirit of fear from allowing the One World Government rule to take over by vaccinating everyone under the ID2020 program, where every world citizen gets a world ID number to check if you have been vaccinated or not. That will allow you to buy and sell in the New World Order, the so-called “New Normal”. That is the mark of the antichrist, the mark on the right hand and/or forehead that will be FORCED on people by the so-called caring Governments of the time. God warned Christians this would come thousands of years ago, and now it is here. Only the unified Church can stop this.

The link to Government’s website:

Back to Coronavirus COVID-19 Alert level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa: South Africa’s progress in national effort to contain Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic


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