Media Statement by Rev. Kenneth Meshoe of the ACDP on the police brutality and violence towards Christians in Sebokeng

www.Nuus.News Christian News Media. Reverend Meshoe from the ACP has strongly condemned the brutal way the police handled the church arrests in Sebokeng and shot at Christians in a peaceful setting.He also questions why churches have to be closed while casino are open. 

We however know that these are the signs of the New World Order’s One World Government that wants to close down churches permanently. The Antichrist regime of the last days as prophesied in the Book of Revelation will not have any churches open. If you however want to resist this and to see churches opened up again, please click on the link button at the bottom of the page and go and cast your vote. It’s your Christian privilege and duty to make your voice heard on matters like these.

ACDP condemns shooting of Christians by SAPS members at a church in Sebokeng
Media Statement
ACDP President, Rev KRJ Meshoe MP
The ACDP condemns the indiscriminate shooting of Christians who were praying at a Church in Sebokeng by SAPS members yesterday morning.
It has been reported that an old lady was allegedly shot by police with a rubber bullet between the eyes, and is now receiving medical attention.
Government must stop consulting with the South African Council of Churches only as not all churches in SA are affiliated to them. To get a balanced and objective opinion of what most churches and religious organizations in SA are saying, government should broaden their consultations to be more inclusive.
Consultation is a key pillar of our democracy and any new law which government seeks to enact without proper consultation, can and has been challenged in a court of law.
The ACDP questions why casinos, restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and shopping malls have been allowed to stay in operation, but churches in South Africa are not allowed to meet for prayer.
If churches are able to comply with the same health and hygiene protocols as those in the business sector, why shut them down?
Most, if not all, churches have been complying with the health and hygiene regulations, but it appears to us that churches have become a soft target.
All church organisations, including those in Sebokeng, should also be consulted and informed even if they are not affiliated to the SACC.

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  1. Government is out of hand. They send the police to brutally assault Christians and shoot at old ladies. Such disrespect for the Church in South Africa will not go unpunished. God will surely pass judgment. Government get ready for God’s judgment!

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