How does Coronavirus compare to other deadly diseases?

From the statistics its clear that, after 1 year, coronavirus covid19 is still comparable to statistics made available in from 2016. See the top 20 underlying causes of death in South Africa in 2016 in table 4.15 on page 52 of the 2016 StatsSA report attached in this article. There were 28,004 deaths due to viruses and 42,812 due to influenza (flu) and pneumonia in 2016. Covid19 and the flu virus have the same symptoms and are very close in operation. So lets compare that to corona’s Covid19: In 2020, total deaths of Covid19 for the year is only…… 28,887! (official death stats from WHO on 2 January 2021). Amazingly, according to the American Society of Microbiology there were 0 cases of flu reported this year in a comparative study between covid19 and influenza. Even if one argue, the Coronavirus deaths are only for 9 months of the year the extrpolated figure still is only 38,516 for the year far behind the other killers in SA and still not the massive pandemic mainstream media is talking about. 

See if you can spot the mighty Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, that broke countries. Check the info from STATSSA. We compared the mighty Covid-19 to the Top 20 Causes of death in 2016 to see where it fits in. It's so insignificant you can hardly find it.

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Also remember the cases of common flu and pneumonia is zero according to the American Society of Microbiology; so where is Covid-19 then?

As Christians, we should think for ourselves and see things in perspective. Here’s a shocking fact: Total deaths from Covid19 is only 0.04%  of SA’s population
(28,887 / 59,620,000). While one death is too many, we should consider whether this is necessary to destroy and wipe out SA’s economy completely? Millions of South Africans are losing everything, many will die of hunger and knock-on effects of continued lockdowns.

But in this shocking analysis it is clear this virus is NOT the pandemic that the Fear-Driven Mainstream Media is making it out to be. It’s very probable that more people die of fear for the virus than of the virus itself alone. Medical science has proven that fear weakens and breaks our immune systems. “Other forms of heart disease” killed nearly double the amount of people that died of so-called Covid19.

The author of this article recently has spent 2 months in and around Tembisa, a location in Gauteng. Shockingly, or amazingly, hardly anyone wears masks there. Life has gone on normal since lockdown started in March 2020. Now, the question is: Are there not also old people in Tembisa? Is there not also a large number of HIV patients there? Is there not also overweight and diabetic people in Tembisa? Yet where are the deaths then? If the virus was so dangerously contagious and deadly, the people would have died in the millions like Bill and Melinda Gates have prophesied. But no one is dying! That’s why life has just gone on normal in the townships for the last year! This was a real eye opener and you are free to go and check for yourself. Covid-19 is a fairy tale in Tembisa. It seems it’s not there.

Nuus.News Fear from mainstream media contols people

So why does the non-Christian Mainstream Media hype this so-called “pandemic” up so much? Because Mainstream Media is a tool in the hands of the spirit of the antichrist’s deep state, and it’s government wants to control the people with fear, so people will be desperate for a vaccine, which is needed to establish the antichrist’s One World Government. SA’s economy has to be broken for it to submit easily and willingly to a debt-reset programme planned by the World Economic Forum for the antichrist’s new One World Government.

You can decide for yourself from the facts whether there really is a real pandemic or not. If there was, why is it that in countries where there are no testing/little testing there are hardly any corona cases? Where are the millions of people dying in the streets? Something is wrong folks.

Ok, so what you are saying is that in 2016 28,004 people died of viral infections.
And in 2020 also, 28,887 people died of corona virus!? "Yes."

Ok, so what you are saying is that in 2016 42,812 people died of flu and pheumonia.
And in 2020 ONLY 28,887 people died of corona virus!!!!?
"Are you joking?"
"No. Read the StatsSA report yourself"

So where is the pandemic?
Is this a pandemic or a p(l)andemic?

See for yourself. Click to enlarge

*Click here to download the full pdf document from the Statssa website. Do your own research.

We also attached a copy here on the website in case Government removes the report from their website:

Statssa mortality and death causes 2016

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  1. Electric info! Hmmm, the great pandemic that meows … it most certainly does not roar!

  2. What a BIG LIE Government and Mainstream Media has been feeding us. This is not a pandemic! We now have 50% less people that died of flu type disease and viruses in 2020 than in 2016! Ag, no man, come on! Now I can see its all about the One World Government that needs to be established. Its because they want to use the vaccine to bring in the mark of the beast needed for the One World govt. I’m not stupid. I’m going to vote on gospelnetwork I hope they can do something about it. The Lord really needs to intervene for us right now.

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