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You have until 3 September (previously 21 August 2020) to cast your vote FOR or AGAINST Governments new proposed 5G policy

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  1. The ANC led Government wants the right to put a 5G tower on your private property, and they will let the Cellphone companies do it without you getting any compensation.
  2. Furthermore, you will have to pay to fix the damages to the 5G equipment installed on your property, should it get damaged and you can’t prove you did everything possible to protect their equipment.

Details below:

Nuus.News Watch: Man alleges tree is being killed by 5G radiation

(side note: Youtube is like Google and Twitter (and all the world mainstream media) removing all dissent articles against 5G. If you dare to ask any question about 5G and the video starts getting too much views, they will remove it. So lets see how long this video from a UK Daily Mail article, will still be online.)

The ANC led-Government is now rushing through a new policy to degrade private property rights. This time, a government draft policy, if passed, will allow mobile networks to build 5G electronic communication infrastructure on your property without any compensation. A right of way will be given for the mobile companies to access their equipment to your property too. Your personal privacy rights is now declared null in void for the greater good of all people.

The draft submitted by Department of Communication and Digital Technologies Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams appears in Government Gazette No. 43537 dated Wednesday July 22.

It says property owners could be held liable for the cost of repairing the infrastructure if it’s found they didn’t show due care in preventing damage to it. If the policy gets passed, effectively you will have to pay any damage to 5G towers put on your property (even without your explicit approval or consent).

The policy is intended to pave the way for LTE and 5G infrastructure, giving mobile networks and other licensees permission to install it on any public or private land they so choose.

Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams said all spheres of government should push the rapid deployment of electronic communications networks and facilities, seen as critical for the country’s participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution. (Nuus.News asks the question is this really true? how much faster is 5G than fibre with wifi really, considering all the potential health risks and private property rights damages that could be incurred just for the sake of rushing the installations of 5G? See the answer to this question later in the article.)

The policy says rights of way will become increasingly important to deploy massive numbers of small cells for 5G transmission. According to reports, 5G towers need to be deployed everywhere and at close range,  to be effective, since it’s high frequency radiation has a short reach. A tower should be at every second house, or closer, to be very effective.

Licensees wanting to build communications infrastructure on a property have to give the owner a notice stating, among other things, the reasons for it, when and where it will happen and how to object.

(Nuus.News side comment: We all know the objection part means you are private home owner needs to get into protracted and costly legal battles. Fact is, Nuus.News tried to research to find independent studies that prove 5G is not harmful to human health, but could not find any. There are however organizations fighting against the implementation of 5G as it may have health risks related to it. Government, the big telecomm companies and the mainstream media are very quiet about this. Read more here )

Fact is, if you as private property owner have to get into objections and government battles to stop them from putting up 5G towers on your private property, some which might be attached to your house, it will be too late. The legal costs will ruin you. You can stop this process however right now by casting your vote on the link below.

Another policy race pushed by the ANC with hardly any mainstream media coverage on it:

The public have 30 days, after the date of publication on Wednesday July 22, to comment on or object to the draft.

After this public consultation, the minister will issue a final policy direction to the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) which will draw up the regulations for implementation.

The only way to stop the 5G invasion of your privacy is to ACT NOW and make a vote. Every vote counts. Just like your vote stopped the Expropriation without Compensation of land to stall, you can do it too with the 5G towers planned for your roof.

Dear South Africa is a South African initiative to assist the public in giving its input in public policy. With great successes in the past, the Dear South Africa organization will make sure that your comments get to the right people in government. Every person’s objection to new policies needs to be reviewed according to law. Now you can have your say whether you agree with the ANC-led Government’s plans to take away your private ownership rights by allowing telecommunications companies to put up 5G infrastructure on your own private land or your house roof. Please click on the link below to cast your vote.

Many of the members of the public who found out about this were shocked the policy would permit network companies to put up 5G masts wherever they saw fit.

A member of the public is quoted: “What of my rights as a property owner who would be devastated if a 5G mast was planted in my garden, or if I believed there were negative health impacts from 5G? The government can simply not override the rights of its citizens in such an arrogant manner. Are we losing all sense of democracy?”

The False Bay Echo, the local news outlet in the False Bay area which originally posted on the intended 5G policy of government, reported that Brian Youngblood, chairman of the Fish Hoek Valley Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association, said they had unsuccessfully objected to the City’s amendments to the Municipal Planning By-Law to allow minor free-standing cell masts and minor rooftop cell masts on residential properties.

“We will object to this one as well,” he said.

Lakeside archaeologist Dr Jayson Orton, who claims to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, said he had swiftly objected to his property rights and human rights being taken away.

“The techies like to tell us that phones expose you to far higher radiation than towers. Yes, true. But they do this for half a second while sending a message or for the duration of a phone call. Then they revert to almost zero. The 5G cell tower emits radiation 24/7/365.”

According to Bob Hannet who has worked as a TV/STB systems architecht at a large ISP, 5G is slower than fibre:
“Wireless technology can never be faster than optically delivered connectivity, physics sees to that.”

What wireless technology has as an advantage is that it requires less infrastructure to people’s homes. So it can provide a high speed connection without requiring digging to the home, but 5G has very limited range and so you still need to dig the street, just not into every house/property.

Although 5G has some big headline speeds, that bandwidth will be shared, but in theory fibre connections can be 1:1, although in practice they are sharing bandwidth.

Finally, the top speeds of 5G depend on mmWave technology and mmWave technology not only has short range, but it also is affected by weather. It has yet to be seen how robust it will be. Fibre is unaffected by weather and other environmental issues.

Not at all. It is just more convenient sometimes but the price is not just in money but also health, like cancer & not only the consumers are affected – just like passive smokers, all the people living in densely populated areas are affected by radiation – The high frequency 5G bands are hundreds of times more intense then 4G/LTE, and even 3G/4G has caused cancer in rats according to 30M$ study: High Exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation Associated With Cancer in Male Rats
Nuus.News comment: considering these comments by the experts, one should ask why is 5G forced on private property owners like this? Especially in the city areas where fibre is already in all the major centra. Why is government not just taking 5G to the rural areas? Why into suburbs where fibre, which is much faster and cheaper is already installed? Look at the way the policy has been rushed. On 22 July a publication is made in the Government Gazette which affects private property rights, and within 30 the whole of South Africa must have reacted to this SERIOUS ISSUE of INFRINGEMENT ON PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS? Surely this is not prudent and something is critically strange in this process. The people in the right places should start asking questions whether this is proper conduct towards the people of South Africa. It seems like this infringes on our Constitutional rights as South African Citizens.

Written comments or objections to the draft policy, a copy of which can be found here, must be sent in writing to: The Acting Director-General, Department of Communications and DigitalTechnologies; for attention: Mr A Wiltz, Chief Director, Telecommunications and IT Policy at:

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5G Towers from a Spiritual Perspective

The impact of the 5G system from a Spiritual perspective is massive.

The 5G antennas and satellites are simply a means to an end, and that end is 24/7 mass data collection and mass surveillance of people around the world. In China they are already heading towards 2 surveillance cameras per person.

satan is pushing his One World Government to come into place for the time of the Antichrist as prophesied in the Bible Book of Revelation. And for that to realize, the digital data collection systems need to be in place to closely monitor the people who carry the Mark of the Beast on their foreheads and right hands. 

Christians are called to make their vote concerning this 5G matter. Decide for yourself whether the way government wants to implement it is good or bad and cast your vote.

Nationwide calls to prayer

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The Christ Life Commission Church in Kempton Park has been praying for many years at unified prayer at 12 noon daily, and has stepped up prayers to include the Coronavirus pandemic in the daily prayers. Prayer warriors from all over the world join the daily prayer. A call is made to all Christians to join the prayers and bring about a change to the situation SA and the world finds itself in.


The Good News in all these uncertainties is that, as the church prays, miracles happen and circumstances change. None of the so-called “expert’s models” have realised anywhere in the world concerning covid19. Its because of serious prayer. When the Church applies the Word, Good will prevail. Acts 12: 5-11. The sooner the Church wakes up and rises to the occasion the better.

There is a daily prayer at 12noon streamed on Facebook everyday in the fight against coronavirus and its knock-on effects.  Click here to find out more.

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