How to make Discussion Chat Group on Telegram

How to make Discussion Chat Group on Telegram

If you are an admin and want to make Discussion Chat Group attached to your Telegram channel, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Top right corner button of your channel

2. Tap on Manage Channel

3. Select Discussion followed by a button named ‘Add a Group’

4. Tap on Create a Group

5. Insert desirable Name for your associated group chat forum.

Telegram has launched a new Discussion Button feature that aims to increase user engagement with the Channels.

Do you want to create a chat network like Twitter, but uncensored and  way better in functions and abilities, then check out the Telegram Channel feature. You can link a group to a chat and that will give you the ability to get people to chat on the platform, similarly to Facebook comments and Twitter tweets. This will be very helpful in creating user engagement for South African Telegram Groups. 

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Telegram has launched a feature called the Discussion Button for the Telegram Channels. While it makes sense for channels to turn off user messages, it also ends up killing user engagement. The new Discussion Button for Telegram aims to solve this problem and allow users to be engaged with their interest groups while preserving the channel target.

Telegram Channel Discussion Button

Telegram says that it has been observed that official Channels created by the companies, or organisations are the chat restricted ones. In these channels, only the admins have the right to post the latest updates as well as company related news, while other participants cannot write, or post some information from their side.

The new Discussion Button added to the Telegram Channels allows admins to provide a whole new chat section associated with the specific channel. So if participants want to add their opinion on a particular topic, they have a way to initiate a discussion on a separate extended group chat attached to the channel.

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As soon as a participant sends a message to the main channel, all the messages automatically get re-posted in this chat group. Telegram says that channel admins can also pick up feedback and queries coming from their users posting on the group chat, and can act accordingly.

“This feature additionally allows the participants to interact among themselves, which creates an active buzz around the latest updates provided by the company, and helps to generate pro-active conversations around it,” Telegram said about the new feature. “Even if there is a misguided, or wrong information floating around the internet, and your set of audiences are curiously discussing the same, admins can jump into the group chat conversations to provide the accurate information with higher authenticity.”

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