Watch Dr Pierre Kory testify about the incredible success of Ivermectin in the fight against Covid19 to a US Senate Committee urgently calling on the NIH to allow its use in treatment of Covid19 patients and prevention of Covid19 infections It’s the same thing everywhere. The leftest Government bureaucrats all have been blocking Ivermectin on every possible way. In South Africa people are actually jailed if they are caught using this miracle drug that won a Nobel Prize for medicine. So what’s the agenda?  Watch Professor Thomas Borody testifying on Sky News Australia on the effectiveness of Ivermectin.  He says: it kills the virus inRead More →

ID2020 IS THE END GAME FOR THE COVID-19 STUNT Click here to vote for the SA Government to approve the use of Ivermectin in treatment of Covid19 patients. CHRISTIANS BE FULLY INFORMED: Nuus.News has reported that Government is planning to vaccinate 40million innocent South Africans with an unproven, new technology vaccine, that communicates with your DNA and that has been in trials for less than 6 months, from Bill Gates, a big proponent for depopulation and with a history of botched mass vaccinations.  Please go and vote on Gospel.Network if you don’t want forced vaccines. Cheap, Nobel Prize Winning Ivermectin can effectively stop the OneRead More →

The Vaccine ID that allows you to function is in SA. Soon you won’t be able to go to the bank without it. Unless Christians stop it. We need to come together as Christians. Business tech explains how the new SA vaccine ID will work:  They report that the South African government is in the process of developing an electronic vaccination data system (EVDS) to assist with the roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines across the country. The system aims to assist in both the management and surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccine. Among other features, the EVDS will provide and track vaccine information, such as: Patient information,Read More →

Kyk hoe dr Pierre Kory getuig aan ‘n Amerikaanse senaatskomitee oor die fantastiese sukses van Ivermectin in die stryd teen Covid19. Hy doen ‘n dringende beroep op die NIH om Ivermectin toe te laat vir die behandeling van Covid19-pasiënte en voorkoming van Covid19-infeksies In ‘n feite-gevulde getuienis getuig dr. Pierre Kory, ‘n bekende Amerikaanse longspesialis, aan die Amerikaanse Senaat oor die effektiewe en suksesvolle gebruik van Ivermectin in die behandeling en voorkoming van Covid19. In een massastudie is 800 gesondheidswerkers Ivermectin gegee vir die voorkoming van Covid infeksies. Wonderbarlik is geen infeksies is onder hulle gevind na behandeling nie. In die ander kontrolegroep van 400Read More →

Daily Devotional: RECOGNIZING OUR AUTHORITY IN HIS NAME And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus(Ephesians 2:6). There’s so much that we can do when we take advantage of our authority and dominion in Christ. Too many Christians have been too quiet about many things, living as though they’re victims in life; no! Take charge; you’re in office. You’re seated with Christ in the place of power, in the position of authority; you have His dominion; it’s yours by right; so, use it! Make things right in your life, in your home, in your ministry, job,Read More →

Gebed vir die dag Januarie 2021

Gebed vir die dag Januarie 2021 4 Januarie 2021 Gebed vir die dag om 12nm met Dr Able Bid vurig vir 15 minute in verstaanbare woorde en in tale.Skakel gerus in op die lewendige uitsending van hierdie gebedsgeleentheid deur die volgende skakel te volg “Soos die lewende Vader My gestuur het, en Ek deur Hom lewe, so sal hy wat My eet, ook deur My lewe.”JOHANNES 6:57 Dank God vir ons nagmaalsdiens van gister. Verklaar dat jou krag van die lewe en liggaam van die Seun van God afkomstig is Verklaar dat die bloed van Jesus in jou beteken dat jy immuun is teen enige onderdrukking,Read More →

Watch Dr Pierre Kory testify about the incredible success of Ivermectin in the fight against Covid19 to a US Senate Committee urgently calling on the NIH to allow its use in treatment of Covid19 patients and prevention of Covid19 infections In a fact-filled testimony, Dr. Pierre Kory, a lung specialist, testifies to the US Senate about the effective and successful use of Ivermectin in the treatment and prevention of Covid19. In one mass study, 800 healthcare workers were given Ivermectin for prevention of covid infections, of which zero infections were found among them. In the other control group of 400 healthcare workers who did notRead More →

Ivermectin study shows real promise in fight against covid Mainstream Media will not tell you this.  In a pandemic where the SA Government blatantly discouraged the use of Hydroxychloroquine and also Ivermectin, but jumped at a Bill Gates vaccine that is new technology (never used on humans before which is communicating with human’s DNA without the known long term effects of this) just doesn’t make any sense. Ivermectin can be given to people at a fraction of covid prices, locally manufactured in SA and does not affect one’s DNA. It also has been around for decades and the people who invented it got a NobelRead More →

Daily Devotional: CONSCIOUSLY SOW THE WORD IN YOU Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). The Word of God is seed, and what do you do to a seed if you want it to produce a good harvest? You sow it in the right environment. Through meditation, you sow God’s Word into your heart. If you don’t sow the right seeds, weeds will grow of themselves. Your heart is God’s garden and you can’t allow “weeds” to grow in it.Weeds are wrong thoughts that are received into the heart. If you allow them,Read More →