How calling evil, good, by the secular Mainstream Media is affecting the Church

If you want to see how the Mainstream Media has painted the picture of Pastor Radebe’s arrest, have a look at the Opera News article below which ranks #1 on Google.

It paints the Pastor as “Stubborn” and “fighting” police. The police is described as the ones doing things “nicely”.

Well, read the article and then decide for yourself. See for yourself if it was necessary for the full police force to come to such a small church with guns and grenades. Decide for yourself if it was appropriate for them to swear at the Pastor and other Christians as caught on camera. Is that from God or is that the devil speaking? Is shooting at Christians the right thing to do? There was no violent behaviour from Christians. The only violence there was, was the police brutality, shooting at Christians, grenading them and gassing and pepper spraying non-violent Christians in their cars. 

May God punish the devil.

Either the Church in South Africa is going to stand up against the One World Government puppets in the SA Government and stop the Antichrist from taking over, or we must get ready to be raptured.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Here is the article below in RED. See how the Mainstream Media paints a Pastor as wicked. This is all part of the plot to make church goers and Christians villains and to prime the people out there to become haters of Christians.

Pastor Radebe was refusing to close his church in Sebokeng after the police nicely told him to close his church. He did not listen to the law enforcement made towards him.

The police started firing teargas as their way to stop the service and the pastor is still insisting to have his service after a heavy warning made against him. The situation turns not to be good anymore, since the police are being hard on him.

They have arrested Pastor Radebe for defying the word of the law made by the police force members. He is fighting against them even though they are putting him at the back of the van.

It is very disappointing to see the pastor operating against the the law enforcement that he should be working under. South Africa is still under lockdown level 3 and the pastor is not adhering to the measures.

At the moment he is arrested for violating the level 3 measures and as it stands church members are also encouraged not to make the situation harder than already it is.

Why did he force to have a service that lead to his arrest?

The writer of this so-called”news article”was by: (via Opera News ). We do’t know the persons credentials as a journalist, but clearly we can see he is not a Christian. 

Nevertheless, its good to see comments like that of Kennedy Theo who seems to know the agenda of the Antichrist’s One World Government:

Very little do the Christian-haters know they are playing into the hands of the Antichrist’s One World Government which will give them a One World ID with the vaccine to become part of the One World Economy that will be ruled by the Antichrist through the Mark of the Beast on their right hands and foreheads. The Bible says anyone who takes the mark of the Beast will never ever be able to go to heaven. They will be plunged into wickedness and will be tormented in the lake of fire forever. Revelation 14:9-11. If the Christian haters only knew the Church is the only force stopping the Antichrist from taking over, they would have changed their tune.

Keep praying for Pastor Radebe.

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