The Government has issued laws to imprison those who do not wear masks in public -backed by the Presidents speech - Pastors of churches take note.

The ANC led Government, spoke by Bill-Gates ally, President Cyril Ramphosa, in the President’s speech on 14 December 2020, warning all South African citizens that they will be fined and or imprisoned for not wearing a mask.

More importantly, if people are working for you or seemingly gathering under your supervision, and they do not wear masks, YOU are at risk of being imprisoned. The SA National Department of Health said the following on Facebook: “You are liable to a fine or to imprisonment of up to six months if you do not ensure compliance with the regulations by your passengers, customers or employees”. 

This is the official notice given by the SA National Department of Health on their Facebook page but no link could be traced to their website as of 2020/12/15.

New rules have been gazetted to prevent and combat the so-called spread of Covid-19 in South African workplaces.

While one might have expected the measures to be less strict than before, the opposite is true.

Some of the new requirements include:

  • An employer who employs more than 50 employees must submit a record of its risk assessment, as well as a Covid-19 health and safety policy, to the Department of Employment and Labour by 22 October. This new direction previously only applied to employers with more than 500 employees, says Truter.
  • An employer who employs more than 50 employees must also now submit a weekly report on a number of issues (e.g. vulnerability status, screening details, testing results, high risk contacts, post infection outcomes) to the National Institute for Occupational Health.
  • For all companies, there are new requirements surrounding the return to work of an employee who has tested positive for Covid-19.

According to the new regulations, workers diagnosed with Covid-19 are only allowed to return to work (without requiring viral testing) if they have completed ten days of isolation from the onset of symptoms – but only if the employee had a mild case of infection, which didn’t require hospitalisation. If the employee had a severe case, and required supplemental oxygen or hospitalisation, they may only return 10 days from the date of achieving “clinical stability”. They may only return earlier if medical evaluation confirmed their fitness to work.

The employers must closely monitor the worker for symptoms on return to work, and the workers must wear a surgical mask for 21 days from the date of diagnosis, the new rules state.

SA Government seemingly openly supporting the New World Order, the upcoming One World Government.

It seems Government are also campaigning the public to snitch on friends colleagues and family to phone the police for anyone who does not wear a mask, something unheard of in a peaceful and democratic society.

While you never thought this would be possible in a civil society where most people are responsible and innocent citizens, the New World Order is slowly trying to make people in all countries to submit to their new regulations, so they can bring in their mark of the beast with a vaccine chip/mark on the right hand and forehead. 

Working towards a One World Government, the governments are spending millions to encourage people more and more to snitch out all who do not follow the stricter laws of governments aiming to rule people with more fear.

If not stopped now, soon the One World Government will pay people to report those without vaccines. The Mainstream Media, who are mostly all controlled by the deep state anti-christian shareholders, will label those who oppose the illogical vaccinations and lockdowns as “health threats to society”, “selfish people who only care about themselves and not the safety of others”. 

The more the people fear, the better for the One World Government and the stronger their oppressive rule gets.

So we know the Churches are targeted first, because the Church is the restrainer that keeps the antichrist from taking over (2 Thessalonians 2:7) . The antichrist is therefore very active to shut down and curb church services from holding and is out to make an example of the first pastor who has people without masks in their church. The media wants a field day to show how reckless Pastors are, so pastors take note of the antichrist agents that are going to churches to squeal and snitch on you.

Take your own time to look at your government and see if this is the life you want to live. You decide.

If Covid19 is such a deadly disease, why do you have to be tested before you know you have it? People dying from Covid are about the same as those dying from road accidents. And most of those are people who already had existing conditions and were at the point of death, but their death was merely attributed to covid. 

Furthermore, do your own research on how effective a cloth mask is against a microscopic, airborne, virus like covid-19.

The WHO noted on their own website that there is limited evidence on the effectiveness of non-medical or fabric masks.

We know this is scientifically a well known fact. However this has been taken off from their main page of their website. They blatantly stated:

“WHO does not recommend their widespread [non-medical, fabric masks] use among the public for control of COVID-19″.

You can however still see their original statement made in an article on another page of their website saying that use of non-surgical masks are not recommended! Nuus.News printed this statement from that page on their website in pdf format, but as usual they will probably remove it as soon as there is noise made about it. You can find the link to the WHO site here. The statement was published 23 June 2020 and you can download the pdf from this link if they have already removed the statement from their website: When and how to use masks _ WHO _ Regional Office for Africa Fabric Masks statement

Doctor Faucci has stated that all people on earth must be vaccinated. Not only does this sound illogical, it also is impossible. Think for yourself, it is a task that is not achieveable in the current world. So even if half the world gets vaccinated, the other half will still be a so-called “risk” to others. That’s why according to the Book of Revelation, the amount of people that will be killed during the coming rule of the antichrist will be more than any other event in history. People who did not get vaccinated will simply be marked as “health risks” to society and Governments will incite the people to squeal on others to let the police know they are not vaccinated, and they will be arrested and killed – and no one will bat an eye.

So what’s the plan behind the forced wearing of masks (that are not effective), and Government inciting, spurring up the people to go to the police and squeal on their own family members who are not wearing masks? 

The answer is simple: CONTROL. They are training innocent people to fear and submit to the governments of the world so they lose their freedom of speech and freedom of thought. It’s much easier to control sheep than people. The antichrist needs fearful control over people to bring in his One World Government with vaccinated marks on people’s right hands and/or foreheads without a struggle. So Christians watch out and beware.

What other Facebook users have commented on the post:

Surely this cannot be enforced. It is not a law passed by Parliament. They don’t have the right to impose fines or imprisonment
Things are gonna get worse with time. What your are seeing now are the beginning of sorrows. This was planned way back ,sadly there is nothing we can do & there is nothing our local leaders can do other than to follow suit. The world has been preparing this for dacedes ?now its time to activate the New world order .All economies will tumble down & the answer to it will be to make a universal currency, religious leaders will be forced to partake in this movement and all in one voice will come out saying the Lord has turned his face against us, sooner or later religion will be under enforcement, unions will screem at local authorities , this will cause people to fight against one another for survival , violence will perpetuate regionally , more and more killings will continue to happen till humanity unites against those who dont comply to laws
These things are a sign that we are living at a time where time can End at anytime. Kuzoshuba my fellow friends .
So I will have a criminal record 4 not wearing a mask🙄

SA Stats 2020/12/15 as per google:

(A) TOTAL COVID cases: 866K


(C) TOTAL DEATHS: 23,451

(D) TOTAL ACTIVE CASES: unknown, google and governments conveniently does not report on this. 

Analysis of the facts:

The risk of dying from COVI19 is in line with the risk of dying in a car accident. The risk to die in a car accident is only 0,02% while dying from covid is 0,04%. But remember the COVID deaths are mostly not due to covid itself but was due to an existing underlying condition that was already there for example a terminally ill cancer patient who got covid and then died from covid. Also, WHO refuses profusely that people may be treated with highly effective hydroxy chloroquine and However people see it acceptible to drive cars! So why break a whole economy of a country with continued lockdowns? Is it because of the One World Government Agenda, to break a country’s economy and force them to join a One World Government? You decide and research this.



Nationwide calls to prayer

Calls are made nationwide by Churches to stand together and unite in prayer against Covid-19 and its effects on the Church. Register on www.Gospel.Network and join prayer groups set up to pray about the difficulties humanity is facing in these turbulent times.

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