CoGTA Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Speech extract relating to the opening of Churches

Government Backtracks on its decision to declare the Church a Non-Essential.

During the speech of President Ramaphosa on 26 May, the reopening of Churches in South Africa was declared, as Government backtracks on its  decision to declare the Church a Non-Essential.

As pressure mounted from all sides for Government to allow Churches to gather, it finally gave in. Much prayer has gone into this, country wide, and much more prayer will continue to go up until the Church can function as normal again. 

The Church was declared a Non-Essential during Covid-19 lockdown regulations, in one of the biggest insults Government can give Jesus Christ, the Head of the Christian Church (Ephesians 5:23 … even as Christ is the head of the Church: and He is the saviour of the body. )

The Church was classified together with Shebeens and Taverns by the Government and announced as such on National TV by President Ramaphosa.

In a very sudden change of events, President Ramaphosa came back on 26 May to address the nation of South Africa just to say that Churches will now reopen again. This is after his speech on 24 May detailing level 3 lockdown measures, which did NOT include the opening of Churches. While it seems as very strange after-thought, it is clear God is not happy how the Government has treated the Church and God has intervened to change the situation around. Much persecution is obviously expected by Mainstream Media and all the anti-christs of society, but the Church will prevail as it has done for 2000 years as history has proven.

CoGTA Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma Speech extract relating to the opening of Churches (Covid19 Level 3)

Find the full speech of CoGTA Minister, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma regarding the opening of Churches here. The extract applicable to Church reopenings is as follows:

“Indeed, the virus, has challenged our ways as a society and our various cultures.


This is a time when we should all join in meditation, fellowship and prayer. Consequently, we will have a national-day-of-prayer, on Sunday, as announced by the President. This day must be observed in the comfort of your homes or through virtual means.


We have also widely consulted with the religious sector and are now in a position to categorise religious counseling as an essential services. This will enable the millions who have been affected by the virus, to receive this much-needed service, since the majority cannot afford professional attention of this nature.


We will also permit religious gatherings such as church services as of June 1, so long as health, hygiene and social distancing is observed. This means that we must maintain 1.5metres between the maximum of 50 congregants, should the chosen venue be able to accommodate such. We must all be wearing masks when we attend our places of worship, and the washing of hands or sanitization should be undertaken prior to worship.


Our places of worship must be sanitized, and the screening of participants is mandatory. The issued directions elaborate on the other protocols that should be observed.


Our lived experiences have shown funerals as high COVID-19 transmission vessels. Consequently, we will continue to limit the number of funeral attendees to 50. Provided the transportation, hygiene, health and social distancing protocols and guidelines are observed. The station commanders of all our police stations a charged with the duty to keep meticulous records with regards to the funerals and number of attendees.

Nationwide calls to prayer
If you are on a prayer group or would like to get your church involved in a nationwide movement in which the church is standing up, whether it be against unethical laws or corona viruses, please sign up here. 31 May 2020 is a National Day of Prayer. Please join the Prayer and make a difference. The Christ Life Commission Church in Kempton Park has been praying for many years at unified prayer at 12 noon daily, and has stepped up prayers to include the Coronavirus pandemic in the daily prayers. Prayer warriors from all over the world join the daily prayer. A call is made to all Christians to join the prayers and bring about a change to the situation SA and the world finds itself in. The Good News in all these uncertainties is that, as the Church prays, miracles happen and circumstances change. None of the so-called “expert’s models” have realised anywhere in the world. Its because of serious prayer. When the Church applies the Word, Good will prevail. Acts 12: 5-11. The sooner the Church wakes up and rises to the occasion the better. There is a daily prayer at 12noon streamed on Facebook everyday in the fight against coronavirus and its knock-on effects.  Click here to find out more. Be inspired and encouraged by uplifting music in a time of solidarity and listen to the testimony covered in the song that destroys enemies: “I raise a hallelujah” by clicking here. One can also join 24/7/365 world wide live prayers here.

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